Practical matters concerning the Tropical Villa and Curacao


A number of practical matters that are useful to know about Curaçao and your stay at the Tropical Villa. The Tropical Villa is managed by our Dutch administrators: Sjaak Janssen and Marcel Aarts, both speak English, Dutch and German. They will welcome you upon arrival and inform you of everything you’ll need to know about the Tropical Villa. They live just around the corner of the Tropical Villa, so you can always address all your questions and requests directly at them. The Tropical Villa is based entirely on ground floor level, so no stairs to climb and the villa is without thresholds and thus wheelchair friendly (only the two verandas have a small 10 cm step).


American AirlinesUnited Airlines, Insel Air and Air Canada operate to and from North America. KLM and TUI operate to and from Northern Europe.


Most airlines allow approximately 50 lbs/23 kgs of check-in luggage (check the luggage conditions that apply for your specific tickets). The Tropical Villa is equipped with all the comforts you need so you do not need to pack towels, beach towels or bedding. The Tropical Villa also has baby facilities, for more information see our page concerning children.

Currency and Exchange rate on Curaçao

The Curaçao currency is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder (ANG). The US dollar is also accepted currency in Curaçao. Dollars and Guilders are both available at ATM’s and of course you can also pay everywhere with major credit cards.

Transportation on Curaçao


There are always sufficient taxis or taxi vans at the airport that will take you to the Tropical Villa in a 10 minute ride. Taxis on Curaçao can be recognized by the Taxi sign and the letters TX on the registration plate. They do not worked with taxi meters but with fixed rates for the different districts and zones of the island. Always ask for the price before getting in. A ride from the airport to the Tropical Villa is approximately 20 Antillean Guilder.


Curaçao has so much to offer that you can’t fully enjoy the island without a car. So rent a car to explore the island. At the airport there are local and international car rental companies but you can also rent a large Ford Explorer , year 2003 (automatic with air conditioning) directly at the Tropical Villa for a better price than the rental companies offer. It’s all inclusive so no surprises about insurance costs and such and no standing in line at the car hire desk after a long flight. The rate for the Ford Explorer is is only € 399,-per week (7 days), € 45,- per day. Deposit € 400,-. You just take a taxi from the airport to the villa and the car will be waiting for you on the drive way. Please note: our Ford Explorer can be rented till the end of 2023.
On Curaçao everything is relaxed and so is traffic. Motoring is relaxed and safe. While you enjoy your holiday on Curaçao the locals are at work, so keep in mind that during rush hour the roads to and from Willemstad can be busy. There are sufficiently large and small petrol stations on Curaçao. Note that you must pay in advance after paying the pump is turned on to provide the amount of fuel which you paid for.


Public transportation on Curaçao comes in the form of minivans (the convoy and the private bus). The buses are identified by the word BUS on the registration plate.


Cycling is generally safe on Curaçao but it is advisable not to go walking or cycling in the evening hours. On Curaçao there are no bike paths and it is not advisable to go cycling along the road side. There are many beautiful mountain bike trails, for example to the salt plains, along the rugged North Coast or on old plantations. You can book a mountain bike tour at WannaBike or Westpunt Riders. The experienced guides take you to the most beautiful places and tell you all about the flora, fauna and history of the area. Mountain biking on Curacao is a really fun activity to do when on holiday with children.

Shopping and Opening hours

The supermarkets on Curaçao are open all day (from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm) and the Centrum Supermarket (within 5 minutes of the Tropical Villa) is also open on Sundays. So if you arrive late in the evening you can always do your breakfast shopping the next morning. Most shops on Curaçao are open Monday to Saturday open from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm. Between 12.00 and 2.00 pm clothing and shoe shops are closed. At the supermarket your groceries are bagged for you and brought your to your car, it is customary to give a tip of a few Antillean guilders. Remember to take some large shopping bags with you, these can be found in the Tropical Villa.

Electrical equipment and internet

In the Tropical Villa there are only 220 voltage outlets. You can have Free WiFi access at the Tropical Villa, just ask our administrators Sjaak and Marcel for to the code.

Drinking water

The drinking water on Curaçao is safe and delicious tasting drinking water. It contains no chlorine, has almost no calcium and it is odour-and tasteless. So you can safely drink the tap water in the Tropical Villa and anywhere else on the island.

Health risks

There are no vaccinations necessary for your holiday on Curaçao. There is no Malaria threat but it is advisable to bring along insect repellent (or buy it on the island) and protect yourself against the sun. Curaçao is hygienic and clean, so you can enjoy the food and drinks everywhere without hesitation.

If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please send an e-mail to

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